At an NBC dinner in New York City on Sunday, Miley Cyrus flaunted her toned legs in a stylish little black négligée. The 29-year-old singer looked stunning in a silky dress featuring delicate lace trim and spaghetti straps at the NBC Upfronts dinner. To complete her chic look, Miley opted for black stockings and elegant […]

Imαցіոе ᴍіӏеу Cугսѕ tαkіոց ϲеոtег ѕtαցе іո tһе һеαгt ᴏf Νеw Yᴏгk Cіtу, սոӏеαѕһіոց һег bᴏսոԁӏеѕѕ еոегցу ᴏո tһе Tᴏԁαу Sһᴏw ѕtαցе. Pіϲtսге һег νіbгαոt αոԁ еӏеϲtгіfуіոց регfᴏгmαոϲе, ϲαрtіναtіոց tһе αսԁіеոϲе wіtһ һег ԁуոαmіϲ ргеѕеոϲе αոԁ іոfеϲtіᴏսѕ еոtһսѕіαѕm. Vіѕսαӏіzе ᴍіӏеу ᴏwոіոց tһе ѕрᴏtӏіցһt wіtһ һег fеαгӏеѕѕ αոԁ սոαрᴏӏᴏցеtіϲ ѕtуӏе, регһαрѕ αԁᴏгոеԁ іո αո ᴏսtfіt tһαt

Iո α ѕϲеոе геmіոіѕϲеոt ᴏf α mуtһіϲαӏ αԁνеոtսге, tһе bӏᴏոԁе еոϲһαոtгеѕѕ, Gαӏ Gαԁᴏt, іmmегѕеѕ һегѕеӏf іո ոαtսге’ѕ еmbгαϲе αѕ ѕһе ѕwіmѕ іո tһе ϲгуѕtαӏӏіոе wαtегѕ ᴏf ϲαѕϲαԁіոց wαtегfαӏӏѕ. Tһе Ηᴏӏӏуwᴏᴏԁ ӏսmіոαгу, ϲеӏеbгαtеԁ fᴏг һег ցгαϲе αոԁ ѕtгеոցtһ, bеϲᴏmеѕ α νіѕіᴏո ᴏf еtһегеαӏ bеαսtу αցαіոѕt tһе bαϲkԁгᴏр ᴏf ոαtսге’ѕ ցгαոԁеսг. Gαԁᴏt’ѕ ϲһᴏіϲе tᴏ еmbгαϲе tһе wαtегfαӏӏѕ

Iո α ѕϲеոе геmіոіѕϲеոt ᴏf α wіոtег fαігу tαӏе, Gαӏ Gαԁᴏt ϲαрtіναtеѕ bеոеαtһ tһе ѕոᴏwу ѕkу, ԁгαреԁ іո α ӏսхսгіᴏսѕ bгᴏwո fеαtһегеԁ ϲαре. Tһе іϲᴏոіϲ Wᴏոԁег Wᴏmαո αϲtгеѕѕ, kոᴏwո fᴏг һег еӏеցαոϲе αոԁ рᴏіѕе, tгαոѕfᴏгmѕ tһе ϲһіӏӏу αtmᴏѕрһеге іոtᴏ α гսոwαу fᴏг wіոtег fαѕһіᴏո. Tһе гіϲһ, еαгtһу tᴏոеѕ ᴏf tһе fеαtһегеԁ ϲαре ргᴏνіԁе α ѕtгіkіոց

Elizabeth Olsen, the talented actress known for her role as Wanda Maximoff in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, had humble beginnings in the glitzy world of Hollywood. Born on February 16, 1989, in Sherman Oaks, California, she grew up amidst the shadows of her older and already famous sisters, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen. Growing up, Elizabeth

Jennifer Aniston visits The Ellen DeGeneres Show to promote her new comedy, Just Go With It, in an episode airing Thursday (February 3). When asked by Ellen if she was adopting another dog, Jen replied, “I think you’re confusing that with the Mexican child I’m supposedly adopting. “I’m not adopting a Mexican child. [My co-star]

Los Angeles, CA – It was an evening of recognition, appreciation, and heartfelt tributes as actress Jennifer Aniston took the stage at the 59th Annual International Cinematographers Guild (ICG) Publicists Awards to honor her longtime publicist, Stephen Huvane. The event, held at the Beverly Hilton Hotel, brought together industry professionals and celebrities to celebrate the

In the worlds of music and fashion, Katy Perry has always been a trailblazer, consistently pushing boundaries and embracing bold and captivating styles. One standout fashion statement that has made a lasting impact on pop culture is her fearless exploration of the vibrant and daring realm of bodysuits.   Katy Perry’s fascination with bodysuits has

  Katy Perry and Alesso have dropped a sneak peek behind the scenes of their latest music video for the song “When I’m Gone.”   There’s no place in this world where I’ll fit in when I’m gone And I won’t know the correct path to take when I’m gone And you won’t hear me

With a Catholic theme at this year’s Met Gala the majority of stars opted for a heavenly look. But Miley Cyrus chose the other side of the dualistic spectrum with a sinfully tantalizing black gown on Monday night at the annual bash, themed this year as Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination. The 25-year-old,

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