Life’s Unplanned Wonders: Birth in a Car Through a Photographer’s Lens

Monet Nicole has a talent for capturing the unique essence of every birth in her stunning photographs. As both a skilled midwife and professional photographer with years of experience, she has documented countless women’s births. Her Instagram account is a treasure trove of personal insights, musings, and, of course, breathtaking images.

According to the photographer, giving birth is a one-of-a-kind event that marks every woman who goes through it. Moreover, she feels that each childbirth has its own distinctiveness, and she strives to shed light on this aspect through her creative work.

The photographer shared a collection of images that documented the moment when a mother gave birth in a car. In her Instagram post, she reflected on how unpredictable childbirth can be, even for first-time mothers who often have long labors. The mother in question contacted the photographer once she started experiencing contractions, and the events that ensued were captured in the series of photographs.

The soon-to-be mom had everything planned out for giving birth in the maternity ward. She knew the drill – rest, eat, and stay hydrated. However, her plans took an unexpected turn when her husband called to report that things were moving faster than anticipated. From the sound of a contraction over the phone, I advised them that it might be time to head to the maternity ward. A few minutes later, her husband called back to inform me that her water had broken, and I could hear another contraction through the phone. Without hesitation, I urged them to get to the medical center as soon as possible.

I gathered my belongings and hopped into the vehicle. While cruising down the Westbound highway, my father tried to reach me on the phone once again. “We can see the head!” I urged them to stop the car, and coincidentally, I found myself driving right behind them. As soon as I noticed their car, I pulled over and stepped out of my own vehicle. Knowing that my father was a skilled neurosurgeon, I trusted that he would remain calm during this critical situation – and he did! Luckily, an ambulance was passing by at the exact moment, and upon witnessing what was going on, they immediately offered assistance. They attempted to remove the victim from the car and lay her on the stretcher, but I insisted, “Absolutely not!”

I blocked the staff to make things easier for my parents as they delivered their baby with minimum hassle. They did a great job and we were near the medical center, so they decided to go there. I went with them to ensure safety. Mom held her baby after we reached the center. What lesson can be learned from this experience?

The arrival of a newborn is always an unexpected event. It’s not necessary that every first childbirth takes a lot of time. In case the baby is arriving soon, you need to control your breath and handle the situation calmly.

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