The Adorable and Expressive Plumpness

The baby’s chubby, “milky” face is always a secret weapon capable of “cutting the heart” of anyone. Therefore, the super cute expressions of babies are always “requisitioned” by adults to make memes.

Recently, the image of a chubby boy ‘showing off’ in a group for nursing mothers made everyone ‘falling in love’.

The baby with the dumpling cheeks receives the attention of the online community

It is known that the boy appearing on the screen is named Ha Vu Nguyen Khoi (10 months old, commonly known as Mon). Mon owns skin as white as a peeled egg, big round eyes and a chubby face, dumpling cheeks that make people want to… take a bite.

In particular, despite being young, this boy possesses extremely diverse facial expressions. Sometimes it’s naive, sometimes it’s coy, or just a light glance is enough to go into people’s hearts.

Every expression on baby Mon’s face makes anyone super happy

Ms. Huyen Trang ( Bac Giang , mother of baby Mon) shared: ‘ Since I was 6, 7 months old, I have recognized everything and know facial expressions clearly. Thanks to his chubby face, every time I let him out, everyone complimented him on his cuteness and asked to hold and hug him.

I posted a photo for mothers to show off their baby with me, I didn’t expect that everyone would care and love their baby so much.

Mon is always loved and cherished by everyone

It has only been posted not long, but the pictures of baby Mon were immediately shared by the people and made their hearts flutter. Many people think that this baby has many similarities with Korean babies and Mon’s adorable expressions are more than enough for everyone to add to their meme collection..LeNhung

Check out some more pictures of this adorable little boy!

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