Dolly Parton Reveals Her Love for Taylor Swift and Shows Support for Eras Tour Buzz ‎

Dolly Parton has nothing but praise for Taylor Swift’s massively successful Era Tour, as the iconic artist marvels at the immense popularity of the shows.



During an interview on Evan Paul’s show, Taste of Country Nights, the artist behind the popular song Jolene was asked to share her opinion on which musician currently holds the title for the best electric performance onstage.


The 77-year-old expressed her admiration for Taylor Swift, stating that she couldn’t think of anyone better than her. She was impressed with how well Swift was doing and had never seen anything like it before. The eleven-time Grammy winner also acknowledged the hard work put in by the new generation of singers, admitting that she didn’t have time to follow all of them but wished them the best nonetheless. She remembered what it was like when she was starting out and hopeful of achieving her dreams.

Dolly expressed that touring is the key to earning a living and gaining popularity. While making records is great, it’s important to connect with fans by performing live.

In the meantime, Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour began with a lot of excitement on March 17. As an all-out music festival, the tour has shattered multiple records, given a boost to local economies, and provided fans with unforgettable evenings.

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