Irresistible Beauty: The Most Beautiful Woman in the American.

The family of Dingdong Dantes and Marian Rivera can be considered a perfect family with a beautiful and gentle wife, a talented husband and 2 healthy and beautiful children. After giving birth to 2 children, the heat of the most beautiful beauty in the Philippines has not decreased. 2 babies Zia and Ziggy received a lot of attention and love from the audience, especially baby Zia with a beautiful appearance like a copy of her mother.

Recently, Marian posted a series of pictures of her daughter wearing a white dress to advertise a fashion brand. Although we all know that Zia is very pretty and pure, every time the audience sees her photos, the audience can’t help but admire. Inheriting a bright smile and bright eyes from her mother, Zia possesses a bright beauty like a little angel. Only 6 years old, but the lines on her face are very clear, the white skin smiles and looks like a little beauty. If you look at the series of photos below, you will surely be amazed at the dominant gene of this family, like mother like daughter, what a beauty born a little beauty!

Zia’s chubby cheeks and big round eyes make everyone fall in love.

Her expressions and gestures are also very natural and professional.

In the white dress, Zia looks exactly like a lovely princess. The spirit is free of charge!

The picturesque beauty of the landscape in the Philippines at a young age is unbeatabɩe.

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